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Against me!, Serj Tankian, Foo Fighters- March 6, 2008 Concert Review

The Los Angeles Great Western Forum.

The last time I was there was a few years ago was for a Christian Concert. Yes, a Christian concert. Although it's not rare for Christian Bands to have large events at Venus such as the Forum, this was somewhat different because at the time I didn't really considered the Forum a "venue" anymore. Why? Ever since The Los Angeles Lakers, LA Sparks, LA Kings left to Staples, it was bought by an African American Church for Sunday Services. So instead of a Venue, I just viewed it as a big church. Unfortunately, there weren’t any events that captured my attention, let alone the Church itself, so my interest about the Forum wasn’t much. So yeah, I bought tickets for the Foo Fighters. To my surprise, the forum is still some how a church, but only on Sundays? uhh.. okay. I think that is just wrong... Anyways, that's a whole different post right there, so I'll just keep this as my review.

Anyways, I’ll break it down..

Venue- 7.5/10
No more Laker Jerseys. No sign of it being a church. I just a big building now, great for any band who wishes to bring their own set and play a show.

Venue as a Church- 2/10

Concert View- 9/10
I had floor tickets! I was REALLY CLOSE. I was in the Mosh Pit section, so there was a lot of pushing and shoving. The only downside was when tall people would be in front of me. I hate being average. The upside was the hot single girls who were holding on to me. Yup.

Against me!- 8/10
I missed the first few songs. I wasn’t familiar with their music, except for two songs “Trash Unreal” and “Stop.” They sounded fairly good. I actually like their music live. I downloaded their latest CD the next day, but I didn’t enjoy it much. They sound better live.

Serj Tankian w/ F.C.C.- 8.5/10

Serj Tankian performance was very good, no surprise there. However, I felt that his band, F.C.C., needs more improvement. One of the songs that sounded horrible, in my honest opinion, was “Praise The Lord and Pass the Ammunition.” The Bass line sounded terrible. I did not like the drummer either! I absolutely hated that he knocked down his whole drum set  at the end like he was the greatest drummer in the world... He's not at the level yet.

Foo Fighters
- 9.9/10
The only reason I didn’t give this a perfect 10 was because I didn’t like it when they went to their acoustic stage (which was located on the opposite side of the Forum), I was all of a sudden in the back and could not see anything! But yeah, that has nothing to do with their performance lol. Anyways about their performance WOW AMAZING! Foo Fighters pulled off an awesome show. Everything about their performance was just great and they sound SO MUCH BETTER LIVE! By the end of the Concert the Foo Fighters confirmed that this was the longest set they ever played for any concert. This was Night 2 from their back-to-back concert! They played more songs than night one and had an amazing encore performance with 5 songs. Seriously, we ended up leaving the Forum at 1am. Glad to be part of Foo Fighter History. Triangle Solo for the Win!

Against me!

Up the cuts
New Wave
White People For Peace
Trash Unreal
Borne On the FM Waves

Serj Tankian w/ F.C.C.

Intro- 5 Min improvisation
Empty Walls
Unthinking Majority
Money (dedicated to the Union Strikers outside the Forum)
Lie Lie Lie (Romeo/Juliet/ Borat Mix)
Praise The Lord and Pass the Ammunition
Sky Is Over
Honking Antelope
Beethoven's Cunt
Elect the dead
Outro- Set Destruction

Foo Fighters

Let it Die
The Pretender
Times Like These
Learn to Fly
Cheer Up Boys, you’re make-up is running
This is a Call
Guitar Solo
Guitar Duel
Stacked Actors
Drum Solo
Drum Duel (with Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Acoustic Set (Second Stage)
Skin + Bones
My Hero
Intro of Band by Dave… Solo’s including awesome Triangle solo
Taylor’s song
But Honestly
Everlong Dave solo
Monkey Wrench
All My Life

Encores (+5)
Big Me
Long Road to Ruin
Darling Nikki (Prince cover)
Shake Yr. Blood sung by Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead
Best of You
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"Unthinking Majority"

Lies!!!! I know he didnt!!
How could he not sing it? I think he did sing it! I remember nelson dancing to it... YES DANCING.
noo.. cuz i would have remembered the chorus being sung..

maybe he was dancing to something else lol.. empty walls?

omg i have to find out for sure now. this is killing me lol
The hell? lol I was there too!! On the bleachers. Really close to the stage, like second row, on the left side of the stage.
Really? Did you go Night 1 or 2?

I was at Night 2.
There were 2 nights? I didn't know that. I went on wednesday.
Yeah I went on Thursday, Night 2.

I heard Night 2 was so much better than Night 1...

oOoOoo lol
Are those bands religious or something? Why have a rock concert at a church? Seems like a major conflict of interest to me...
No, none of the bands are religious lol I don't think the Church owns the forum. It own by a group called "SMG," which is a company that manages events... but yeah, they have church services on Sundays and the rest of the days are opened to other events. But yeah I think it's wrong that they have church service there. Why call it the house of God if every other day, except Sundays, are opened to non religious events? Oh well.
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